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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 15, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ >> health care is once again dominating the headlines. president trump taken steps on his own to enact sweeping changes to the system. >> would be good if the democrats in the way has cut in the white house could he do with obamacare. >> california and more than a dozen other states have all decided to sue the trump administration. >> arts and sciences expelling embattled producer harvey weinstein. >> he was protect it by all of this glamorous hollywood figures who now claim to know nothing about it. >> the academy released a brief statement that sexual predator behavior in the film industry is over.
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>> mr. trump announced he will not recertify the iran nuclear deal. >> hasan rouhani he says is now more isolated than ever. >> what has the gop establishment done for this president? this is their opportunity to tell the world they are serious about national security. [cheers and applause] nationals win to-1. ♪ trying through the first song they play as rascal flats. just kind of digging right in right here. i love the remakes.
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welcome back to the couch. pete: thank you. abby: good to have you back, too. drink is a clean in the studio. there's cheese under the couch. pete: i always eat snacks. david: you miss all the kantian thinkers. pete: how are you feeling? abby: i'm feeling well. what koster to do the weather. he put in a snickers bar and is not the realized he had to read the tea is about 15 seconds later. he's not even here, but i feel like he is. david: i was channeling my inner peak. pete: try not to do that too often. transfer yesterday the president had a busy week. pete: the president decertified the land deal. the health care executive action tax reform speech.
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you forget about the big taxes this week. and then the big winner for the nfl in addition to other things. the less distorted spinning and they are trying to wrap their arms around what is this guy doing? david axelrod, former senior pfizer was on another channel tried to get this explanation. take a listen. >> i believe the president thinks that this is shown in the water for filling his campaign promises for his base. i also believe that he is motivated by trying to obliterate the obama legacy, which is in part also chum in the water for his base, but also some other thing at play here that i don't have the qualifications to analyze, and it clearly motivates him. every time we talk about anything president obama did, he talks about it in this very caustic terms as if he's jealous or envious as the esteemed with which obama left office.
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>> old man peered i brought props. david axelrod brought up the dog whistle. i don't know what's at play here. i went and had a dog whistle so i can have it every time they go with this. i'm not qualified to analyze government throwing in the old 25th amendment representative greeting is the president not fit for office. first of all, every president from an opposition party so it is clearly missing here. >> matches back, but this is a president trump campaigned on. talking about immigration, health care, tax reform. this is the core of his campaign message. this is so riled up the base. they wanted change. they wanted something different than being for eight years under barack obama. first of all, no one should be surprised. maybe their surprise because most politicians never follow
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through. >> in his multitasking. he mentioned the litany of things. there's many things to be done and on friday there were three different things by the time we got to 12:30 p.m. the president is doing what it's supposed to do. >> the only thing we got was merry christmas. listen, barack obama said he would fundamentally transform america and they try to do that for eight years through executive action. the american people don't want this free country transformed. we'll restore back to what it represents, standing for the things we believe in the national anthem as an example of that. president trump treated as the other day. the left has gone so far left it's unrecognizable. he's standing for what america has always stood for. he's not just on the left, though. republicans haven't been able to deliver his basic campaign promises. he's had to take executive actions he hasn't wanted to take.
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now there's a new show in town taking on some of those. abby: c-span and when he left the white house may be more influential than closed doors and he's been out there singing you better be on notice. here's what he said. >> there's a time and season for everything. right now it is a season of war against a gop establishment. [applause] it is no longer acceptable to tap you on ahead and tell you everything will be fine, just get these guys in office. this is my work. the establishment started it. david: as someone who's worked for steve, known steve for many, many years. we've stood on stage is, god
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having done this. or something he's been saying for years by for the white house and trump. it the political classes for the american people. not the parties, that the political class. with a group of elected officials, many of them supporting establishment that has been in the business of keeping themselves in business, not serving the american people. that's why democrats crossed the line when trent broke through the blue wall. that's why they might not have voted for trump and said we need real change. the real changes you need to deliver for the american people. pete: that's why establishment republicans resist president trump almost as much oftentimes as democrats. but he didn't play their game. train for think about it. what happens and someone breaks the emergency class? everybody's running around. they don't know what to do. as it has been in washington d.c. when trump got elected. then in comes out in stephen many of us out there in the
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american community say guys come you didn't deliver for us. abby: are they cheering this on from afar saying we want the republican party to be decided. we want steve bennett to do this because it gives us potentially an advantage in the midterm elections? trade today might be because they've got some big seats to defend. a lot of senators. you want your opposition divided if you can. david: but are they really divided? here's the difference between the liberal brain and conservative brain. the more liberal brain is blocked steps. they have to have lockstep quarter. we debated within ourselves. we have differences on policies and opinions but we are not afraid of that. we come together when we find a path that works. the republican party that goes back to its roots, the lincoln reagan party, one that says it is a conservative minded approach, slow to change, adapted when needed
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constitutional. if we do that, the debate is great because that's how you get better ideas. the problem is the old war dogs in washington have not allowed the debate. they are the establishment of the problem. pete: i don't know if the left has figured out that their solution is to run further to the left. david: good luck with that. abby: it's interesting to see the establishment republicans changed their tune a little bit as the midterms are approaching. we need the president's health. pete: that's right. they move to the right. >> a run to the center uncovered to the left. abby: another war waged on the nfl. that is continuing to be a topic of conversation. a soccer team in germany has players that are kneeling for the national anthem. this becomes before the meeting
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this week with roger vidal who is struggling to get this right with his right with this player is in in a bid to stand. this is not good for the business, for nfl. pete: it has been terrible. these guys say they are kneeling not during the american national anthem. in solidarity with tolerance and quality. the former nfl wide receiver made a donation amount of ssn for a long time. >> the number-one stated goal is a broad spectrum of issues. again, not just police brutality and community policing. it is also for what i'm hearing from players directly involved in these talks amid telling me it's also about the gender pay gap, housing administration. so many things they are interested in an advocate for that they want the nfl to take
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ownership and use the nfl platform. abby: that's the problem. such a distraction with the disrespect for the flag and anthem. it's the first time for equal pay or housing. i have heard that before. >> i wonder what the american people are saying because i hear them everyday on my show. what do you think about this? i say that president trump took a stand for america, not just the flag and made the nfl taken me. trillions to e-mail us at fred@fox is it about gender pay gap or has it become a left-wing grab bag of grievances about this country and this president read if you're a leftist in the place was taking a because you're protesting whatever americans represent. >> we used to stand for things in america, not taking a not explain the problem.
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abby: we do want to bring you some headlines this morning. fox news alert. plains stretching up to 100 miles wide, forcing evacuations in southern california. at least 40 people have now died. the number expected decline as hundreds of people's will remain missing. the cause of the fires broke out last sunday. with a downed power lines played a role. harvey weinstein about sexual harassment. you were worried about making the decision to expel this in an emergency session yesterday. the academy releasing a statement saying the era of willful ignorance and predatory behavior of workplace harassment in our industry is over. and the mlb playoffs with the new york yankees taken a one to one tie at the bottom of the
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ninth. anything askew with the run to score all the way from her base. astros took it to-0 lead. chicago cubs in the home team proving to be just too much. [cheers and applause] abby: the dodgers 95-to win the series. >> the rest of america was cheered when houston scored there. you really cheer for the yankees. sorry about that. trying to president trump taking an ax to the obama legacy from obamacare to immigration that is far from finished. what's next? >> hillary clinton taking election blame game, i know
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you're surprised and you've got to see who she's pointing the finger at this time. ♪
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♪ (cheering)
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a triangle solo? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sam and yohanna saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. trailer for someone to let him in the media seem sure to president trump is successful in doing the residents do and his predecessors a president obama. here is andersen cooper. weighing in on now. >> president trump is taken to key president ships away. the legacy if you want to know a president trump is against you only have to look for president obama was for. but they should come as no surprise because that's exactly what he ran on. what should be the next step in the trump agenda? ned ryan is the founder and he joins us here.
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david: good morning, ned. >> or you're at all the time. why are you here? >> the complaint will address it. i'm going to something. >> the interesting thing about what trump is doing. this is my shocked face as he's dismantling the obama legacy. donald trump will be reelected. he completely erases any and every last bit of the obama era and then moving forward when president mike pence is inaugurated in january 2025 that we continue to decimate the regional party. my hope is that donald trump is the republican majority in congress to figure out why they exist keeps pushing off what they can do without congress. the most important thing he can do right now to bring real health care reform can instruct secretary stephen itching to change the final one c. three code in regards to the tax
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exempt symptoms on train systems. they act as nonprofits that are making record profits. the northwestern hospital in chicago 2015 the 3.599 billion patient revenue in 2015 alone. tram can instruct mnuchin to change the code in regard to the hospital systems they have to start posting prices in the cause. when they had these debates about the health care system can we talk about how we lower premiums into debt bowls. those are the symptoms, not the causes. the insurance companies and medical providers want to see costs go up. if you have to start to have pricing and transparency, then we can actually see a patient centric health care system moving forward. there's a lot of other things he can do as well. >> one of the things the president has to do any fact about since been a candidate is
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reducing the size. you've got a good government to the right size and scope. this guy scott pruitt and a thousand employees at epa. but we've got a deep state of the bureaucratic structure. what does he do about that? >> is to instruct the office of personnel management, obm to have a plan i misplaced to reduce federal government. you know me. know me. o. the ecm's shutdown the department of energy and then literally blow up because guess what? the next president is going to undo what he's doing. you can completely devolve power edit pc. pete: ned ryan, thank you very much. we will have you on deck for more. it's happened again get another fast food worker refusing to serve our men in uniform. what the restaurant did after
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finding out. abby: plus, jimmy kimmel has taken on everything from gun control to health care. but he was really slow to respond to the harvey weinstein scandal. we will debate the excuse he gave. take a listen. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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or a card shark. grandma? witness katy perry work. witness katy perry firework. witness katy perry swish. witness katy perry... aaaaaaw look at that dog! katy perry: with music videos and behind the scenes footage, xfinity lets you witness all things me. pete: welcome back to "fox and friends" disgraced army are jumbo burgaw to plead guilty to market to 31-year-old charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. captured by the taliban in 2009 when he walked off his base in afghanistan. either cited the obama administration traded by the worst terrorist in the world to get them back. if convicted he faces life in prison. coalition forces in theory post
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a victory in rocca. once their stronghold nearly 100 fighters surrendering overnight. 80% of the city now captured but a few cities still under races. back to you. pete: for months, jimmy kimmel is use his platform to talk everything in health care to gun. take a listen. >> i am politicizing my son's health problems because they have to. we have a major problem with gun violence in this country and i guess they don't care. if i'm wrong, fine do something about it because i'm sick of it. everything trump says his fake is true in everything he says is true is dishonest. abby: he's been criticized for slow response to a harvey weinstein and that whole scandal. >> that story came out a think like moments before we went to tape on thursday we didn't have a show on friday. they are trying to drag up,
3:26 am
especially these gun nuts, taking in a comedy bit to get out of context and use it as some kind of proof contained in calling myself the more conscious of america which i most certainly never did. abby: came on late night comics are trying to have it both ways. when the acetylene house was ablaze, good morning to both of you. to make for being with us this morning. starting with you. jimmy kimmel late-night host has every right to talk about whatever they want to. they have their way. when he says is not the moral conscience of america and to hear him speak about issues she is passionate about, what does that say about him not speaking out about harvey weinstein. this is something you would think you would want to speak out about. >> hervey was a part of the bubble. boosting jimmy kimmel as well as other comedians talk about other issues and now they were silent
3:27 am
on this issue in many of these people, the comedians, politicians were used in harvey's political arsenal to attack these women, to show power over these women. anybody should be speaking out are these powerful people right now to show the world this is not okay. pete: at the lesson of credibility when they choose not to speak out on something like this and they are so willing to be the voice of reason for so many other issues that are more in line with them politically. >> it seems like they are hypocrites because they can speak out on the been there so quick to speak out when their access hollywood tapes. meanwhile, a serial out there and they have nothing to say. abby: why are we seeing the hypocrisy here? take the politics out. it's so obvious when you see the way hollywood was so slow to respond i'm many friends about harvey weinstein.
3:28 am
>> i don't think it's a false narrative because we did see some for come speak about it. they could not change the script on thursday. another people and liberal have spoken out against harvey. we cannot have a false narrative is a liberal hollywood has done that. that sends a clear message that they will not tolerate the predatory behavior. however -- >> he's been doing it for years. >> he has and let us be clear here. we need to do this across the board weather and entertainment are hollywood we have president who said explicitly when you are in a position of power you can do whatever you want to win in. we did not have the gop excel and though we will have they
3:29 am
expel harvey weinstein as soon as it comes out. we voted him as president. not about condemnation. there is not condemnation. >> we know they have been doing this for years. in hollywood. there's no evidence. >> you with his own words i said when you're in a position of power you can do whatever they want. that is -- he did not say -- abby: we are talking about hollywood here. xml, for example, over week ago, two wednesdays ago. they didn't touch at all a saturday night but they said it was a knee-jerk reason for why they didn't touch it the first time. you've got bill cosby still in the academy award.
3:30 am
the speaker picture of hypocrisy. call it for what it is, lauren. >> it's not just hypocrisy, but they do this for years and said nothing. they even had awards shows for they crack jokes about this. the hypocrisy is hollywood continues to talk about women's rights, talking about shielding from this type of violence, which i support her. but you've got to call people in their own movement. and they said nothing. >> this is important because women have an agenda we don't speak against the agenda. it's important for us to talk about how it took them 48 years years -- 48 hours. it's not a sin.
3:31 am
women know i will say it is so sad it's taking women in hollywood so want to feel like variable to speak out. with what is going on. we can agree about that. >> absolutely. abby: glad to have you with us this morning. it's only 6:30 this morning. three hours ago. steve bannon making it a prediction about his former boss. >> president trump is not going to finish this term. he will win with 400 electoral votes in 2020. abby: governor mike huckabee let us know if you think that is true. i'm sure this guy take on now. and use your halloween costume offensive? what is not? stay tuned. when the soup i love said,
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including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations and ask your gastroenterologist if humira may be right for you. with humira, control is possible. >> there was this really perfect storm. you had the comey ladder, the enormous impact of the russian e-mails, the release of them by wikileaks in the weaponization of god. these broad new phenomena. >> so you are still blaming others more than yourself. >> i take ultimate
3:36 am
responsibility. i don't blame others. it's important that people understand what happened. it's easy to say she wasn't a good candidate. then why do they lead all the way to the end? why did i get dominated overwhelmingly? i think there were intervening events that caused people to worry. david: let's hire this guy. he's asking critical questions. abby: let's bring in mike huckabee, former governor, former gop presidential candidate. there you have it. she doesn't name anyone else. but everyone else. >> this is amazing. she says it's all my responsibility except for those 32 other reasons i can give you as to why it wasn't my responsibility. watching this interview i went through two boxes of kleenex just weeping for her because there is so sad to realize that this was stolen from her, that it wasn't her fault. some of the things that she said
3:37 am
are just not true. for example, she still alleges he was the russian to store the e-mails whenever one who was close to it including wikileaks since they didn't get this stuff from the russians in the imprint stamped from the actual computers documents show he didn't come from there. it came from someone inside. why did she keep saying this? it is because it fits her narrative and let me quickly add the same rush into the tomb she said every side in the same rations that her boss, president obama said he could be more flexible after the elections. if there's such a great relationship with the russians, how do they blame the russians for her loss? abby: there is also not comfortable moment when they talk about president trump ali admitted to being a sexual assault or when asked about the weinstein situation and how her husband bill clinton what he did was in the past. anyone watching out was a little squirm in their seats.
3:38 am
has president trump ever admitted to being a sexual assault or? >> i don't recall that's don't recall this ever happen but he lost his law license. he was impeached, admitted he lied under oath and there have been a number of women who have never been disproven to be wrong about their allegations regarding him. it is something that i don't know that we have to dig out. she keeps bringing up how pure, that she and her husband were. i just find it offputting and the best thing is to say i lost because i didn't work as hard. i get the impression that if she worked as hard to win the presidency -- he had to explain her loss in the presidency, she might've won. transfer governor, steve bannon, my friend, you know him as well. he's made a bold prediction. i wonder how many democrats are put off by the prediction trouble when a second term overwhelmingly. >> i think he will for the same
3:39 am
reason in 1984. the people who cannot stand donald trump, the problem is they continue to attack them and they don't realize they are really attacking the 53 million people who voted for donald trump and that just takes them in deeper. when trump gets into these wars of words with his opponents and people say i wish he would stop, look, the reason he doesn't and the reason it works for him is because people who voted for him see him as defending them, not just himself. the fact is that an improved economy, people going back to work, lower unemployment rate, record stock market, which means retirement of teachers and police officers and others now amount to something. all of these factors. this is that people genuinely care about. if he continues to do the things he's doing on the foreign-policy front and gives this world a safer platform, of course he's going to be paid in it is going
3:40 am
to be a huge margin. abby: you just triggered every single member of the media. >> i usually do. popsicles, puppies and play-doh because they need to go to save space. >> good to see you. have a good sunday. turning out to other headlines. a family vacation in heartbreak after their 8-year-old takes a deadly fall from the deck of a cruise ship. docking talking in my handle and all of a sudden he saw them several floors. witnesses describing the chaos. >> it is crazy. you heard a sound and then people started screaming and running everywhere. abby: the gross brush to the hospital where she died from his injuries. still unclear to outside her to die. a burger employee out of a job after refusing to serve two police officers. denison police chief talking to
3:41 am
facebook saying officers were cursed out by the employer expressed hatred for police. i don't get into politics. swift action was taken and the employee no longer works there. erica mora trump sitting down for their first interviews after having the cute baby boy and talking to judge jeanine about their new role as parents. >> i don't know how i could ever love anything more than our doubts. we love our dogs. you know this. i think we might have a new number one in the house. >> iran says this is the time you need to cherish and a change so quickly. we are trying to do our best to take it all in. abby: dogger baby, going to have a tough time. they call him luke. we will cost now to rake rake meat is not a cutie, just a good
3:42 am
dude. >> beating the dogs this morning. abby: it's hard. it is. fire danger today although little bit less than yesterday. temperatures over the next couple days to remain really warmed. we'll be back into the mid-80s or so. take a look at this. friday and saturday coming in too much of california. a lot of moisture to northern california bubble increase the mushroomy atmosphere to southern california and that's the good news. today with one stone cutting across a central part of the country. when showers from the mississippi river valley eventually in the great lakes. a little snow further offers the north did temperature wise this is where frontiers. anywhere to the east of that another very warm day. a little bit more like fall. >> i'm not ready for it at all. >> we traded five terrorists to
3:43 am
get them back. to my disgrace to researching bo bergdahl expected to admit what we all know, that he deserted his post in afghanistan. he tells us what we can expect next. abby: mitch mcconnell set to meet with president trump tomorrow. there's a new movement now being led by conservatives. david: kind of been going on for a while. ♪ 9 out of 10 couples prefer a different mattress firmness,
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so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during the final days of our fall sale. ends sunday. visit for a store near you treated to tomorrow, disgraced former army sergeant bo bergdahl expected to admit to the court that he is a deserter. abby: after trading fire pterosaurs returned to existing to press suggest he will plead
3:47 am
guilty to desertion in this behavior rather than stand trial for being a fellow soldiers are not in a stand in 2009. >> the next best lead the special forces search for the former green beret commander. fox news contributor and author of a great book, warrior diplomat, michael waltz. great to see you this morning my friend. >> good morning, david. david: here we have the new cases we talked about. the importance of the plea for desertion in this behavior before the enemy and what it means. >> well, so we don't actually know when we won't know until tomorrow whether bergdahl entered into a plea bargain with prosecutors. they are actually entered with convening authority over the entire case and by military law that's not allowed to influence the judge coming to his own conclusion about what the senate should be in the general takes the lesser of those to if there
3:48 am
was a bargain. so what i'm looking forward to seeing tomorrow is at a minimum from the court-martial proceedings, forfeiture of all benefit them back pay actually, someone has hundreds of thousands of dollars built up since his time in captivity and no veterans benefit at all and a dishonorable discharge and managed certainly should not be classified as a pow because pows give special benefits medical benefits for the rest of their life. i want to see all of that strip away and have not held in the same room or same senate with people that served honorably and thought abroad for this country. trade do all that matters, but will this guy ever walk free or is he destined to live the rest of his life in prison? >> fitness behavior which he will plead guilty to a not essentially means he endangered his fellow soldiers which he
3:49 am
absolutely did including my soldiers in me comes with a life sentence and that's what will be very interested to see whether the judge gives him a life sentence, whether he plea bargain for something less than whether the authorities give him some type of time served for his five years in television and have connie captivity. abby: you were so close to this. it is personal. in your opinion, what is justice? >> i look at folks like the family of the lieutenant that i testified next to who don't get their son back. there are men who don't get to live at all. much less even enjoy a hot meal in prison. to me, just as his life in prison. pete: absolutely. time and then lost looking for him are the cost. we have to remember.
3:50 am
>> there's a lot of focus on whether people died or were hurt directly. i know from the fact that happening. but hasn't mentioned are all the soldiers across all of afghanistan who didn't have the resources they need, in all of those other pieces because they were all diverted and the hostages abroad today that they are still negotiating for and the terrorists are expecting a trade. david: thank you, my friend. do you and all the work you're soldiers did. the precedent. >> what an easy perspective he has. pete: at all sharp in preparing the nfl owners to slave owners. >> jerry jones decision, in many ways with the talent. >> kevin johnson calls this nonsense and he'll join us live.
3:51 am
traders still undecided about what to wear for halloween? one put together this helpful flowchart to make sure it not offend you. you never know.
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>> welcome back. is your halloween costume effective? if asher, the good students at ohio state have a flow chart to help you. transfer headdresses appear white, but costumes making fun of president trump are fair game. pete: more on this. i've been trying to follow this. what's this all about? >> you can even go.
3:55 am
these students for university administrators say it's not about who's right, is factual, but who can claim offense to do most things do most things do most things do not list the methods hierarchy on college campuses. so they look for anything they can claim to say that they are more offended because that gives them special status on the left in college campuses. i don't know who's right. who is the most offended? things like this are funny, but how are they going to translate? >> my thing with ohio state, this is what college is about. they are actually turning this does into real, real problems. >> absolutely. for those people that are surprised when they see three and a canvas, they say words are now violence.
3:56 am
people are surprised that many go and see what's happening and it's almost surprising it's not even crazier. these students think of words, costumes or violence against them. it's not preparing them for the real world. abby: there's going to be a lot of people dressing up as donald trump. not a nice way. they say the politically charged gas doesn't make fun of trump and then it says do it. pete: but if it doesn't make fun of trump you better be careful that you're wrong. david: can a liberal dress up as barack obama if you are white. >> i don't even want to go there. abby: not answering that question. pete: making fun of conservatives, good. anyone else, not allowed. abby: i'm going to be myself this year, see how that goes. coming up, "saturday night live" unveiling its latest attack against kellyanne conway, turning her into a clown.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
pete: president trump taking it next to the obama administration that is far from finished. >> the next president is going to undo what he's doing. you have to undo have to undo the things you can devolve power in d.c. >> they cut a deal and obamacare appears to make the academy of motion picture arts and sciences excelling about producer harvey weinstein. >> not just hypocrisy. they knew this for years and said nothing. >> the academy released a brief statement saying predatory behavior in the film industry is over. abby: steve bannon out there saying you better be on notice.
4:01 am
>> there is a time and season for everything i write out the season of war against the gop establishment. >> what has the gop establishment done for this president? it's an opportunity to tell the world about national security. [cheers and applause] astros went to-1. ♪ abby: waveguide iv, play this again. transfer how's he doing at this? rascal flats last hour. pete: hootie & the blowfish so it's good on me. we started with baseball, football starting. another reason you might know it's the alice well.
4:02 am
the festival we have. tranter we've got pumpkins, cider donuts. transfer with got kids coming out to play. abby: as you said, gets you in the mood for fall. starting to feel a little cooler here and around the country. transfer are your pumpkin spice lover? abby: yes, ceo howard schultz. pete: they don't taste good. abby: or not a pumpkin spice latte guy. trade for black coffee. i don't like cream. abby: he scream at the little touch of coffee. good morning to all of you. happy sunday morning. another busy one. a busy week with president trump tackling everything from tax reform to health care, talking
4:03 am
about that in the ambien deal. trading for a win with the supreme court vacating the executive order on immigration. he's really, really taking a tough stance. >> he said busy week in washington. i said busy week in the white house. washington can't seem to figure anything out. fulfilling on the campaign promises. this president said he was going to do on the left in the so-called mainstream media but a bunch of former obama advisers and they are trying to explain what might be the motivation. here is what david axelrod had to say about it. >> i believe the president thinks that this is chum in the water, fulfilling his campaign promises for his base. i also believe that he is motivated by trying to obliterate the obama legacy, which is in part also chum in the water for his base, but also some other thing at play here that i don't have the qualifications to analyze
4:04 am
comment that clearly motivates him because every time he talks about anything that president obama did, he talks about it in these very caustic terms as if he's jealous or envious of the esteem with which obama left office. >> i think i was watching an snl skit. snl actually did a skit about this. >> they were talking about how the president is changing all the policies. going so far to change the things put in place at the white house as well. >> a big week, folks. we are getting rid of everything obama did. health care, iran deals, ripping out old the vegetables and michelle obama's garden and planting. love does not get. pete: it's funny. transfer that is actually funny. train for remember the lunch program in l.a.?
4:05 am
pete: it's funny because it's absolutely true in my guess would most americans do? they don't never been a gardens in their backyard. most americans love mcnuggets and if they could plant them, they would. what this president does as well, he's in touch with the pulse of regular people. it's why something like merry christmas comes to them for the anthem, also called mainstream media doesn't understand it, bake it in a frenzy. transfer whatever you want to call it anything that resonates with americans. you go through this country. we all do. people think much differently. what matters to them as the kids go to soccer or football or baseball. can i afford this? my taxes are coming out. the americans deal with kitchen table issues. sorry, they are just not there. >> every new administration that comes than try to reverse policies. president trump ran on all of
4:06 am
these issues one b. should be surprised. it should be a compliment if democrats are that it means he's doing something to make them mad, that is trying to reverse the policies not because he hates barack obama but because he's passionate about the issues and wants to execute them. train for when you get rid of the prior presidents policies it's racist, but it's okay. abby: he had every right to do that when he came in office. pete: barack obama bring on a fundamental transformation of america. i want this country to be different than the 43 previous presidents. i don't believe in it the way they did. what donald trump is doing is saving going to fundamentally restore america to its original vision is. david: make america great again. we are a great country. by the way, hillary clinton and i guess the father country.
4:07 am
abby: issues still on a book tour? david: here is what happened on british television with hillary clinton playing the blame game. >> this really perfect storm in so you had to call me letter, this indoor enormous staff, wikileaks. >> you are still blaming others more than yourself. >> no, i take ultimate responsibility, but i think it's important people understand what happened. when i decided to run for president some years later, the other side knew they had to tear me down. i made some mistakes they took advantage of, but they also engaged in this really horrible, relentless persecution of me in the used online media, social media to carry those messages and they're aided and abetted by the russian. >> rootless persecution of me
4:08 am
during the campaign. david: this is the problem. clinton is disconnected from the american people and that's why she lost. instead of going after both, she went after a message narrative and americans are sick about it. abby: that's what governor huckabee says. if she had worked hard on the american book tour in blaming everyone around her, maybe she would've won the election. >> she says about my responsibility, except for the 32 other reasons as to why wasn't my responsibility. if the temerity to blame it on the russians. then the outcome of the same rations with whom she set the reset in the same russians that her boss, president obama said he could be more flexible after the election. if there's such a great relationship with the russian, how do they blame the russians for the loss? if she works hard to win the presidency as she had to explain
4:09 am
her loss of the presidency, that she might have won. >> that's true. you talk about how out of touch he is. in the campaign she hadn't driven a car for two decades. she's driven a car since the election. abby: that interview last a lot of tough questions. david: that reporter did his job. i bet he never gets a second interview. abby: pete: she won't come on fox news channel and the answer actual questions but she will go to the liberal media. this guy asked actual questions. she avoided the test dates, tough topics. abby: maybe that's exactly what happened. when you're not a real address things have gone to be honest, it's tough to win elections. train for you can tell people what to think that they are going to think what they want when they go in the voting booth. abby: you can smell
4:10 am
authenticity. david: president trump resonated with people. if you are had an engine plant, you know at least i can hear this guy and see him. abby: voters want people to be real. they want to relate to them and feel like they want to be real people. >> if you are in michigan, you know some friends at fox david: we did that a couple times. abby: busy morning. other headlines we are following. a fox news alert. 100 miles wide, forcing evacuations in northern california in this as we learn at least 40 people have now died there. the number expected to climb as hundreds of people still remain missing. the cause of the fires that broke out last sunday still investigated as officials look into whether downed power lines may have played a role. keep an eye on not one. motion picture academy kicking
4:11 am
out harvey weinstein is the top of the organization making the decision to expel the disgraced hollywood producer in an emergency session yesterday. the academy releasing a statement saying this is hard. the era of willful ignorance is predatory behavior at work is harassment in our industry is over. vice president pants and former gp joe biden and eight virginia governor's race. upon watching this more closely. rallying in front of coal country voters. >> he's pro-jobs, progrowth, pro-american energy, pro-life, pro-second amendment. you name it. ed gillespie is on the right side of every issue. abby: bite in spending by an event during this week he had democrat. the mlb playoff seeding at the houston astros taking a
4:12 am
one-to-one tie. that is when they miscued by yankees gary sanchez allowed a score of the way from first base. astros win. now to l.a. where the dodgers take on the cubs for the home teams just too much for the defending champs. >> put the dodgers on the board for the first time. abby: dodgers win 5-2 invade the series 1-0. good game. pete: major league baseball players are the best. transfer that is baseball. that's what i love big mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader to meet with president trump tomorrow. is a new movement throughout the bitterness being led by conservatives. one of those conservatives joins us next. pete: in this restaurant is for us to shut down just because
4:13 am
americans put america at the president. transfer the former white house chief of god strategist steve bannon. give up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you
4:14 am
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4:15 am
4:16 am
transfer of former white house chief strategist steve bannon declaring war. >> we need to move with urgency. the president of the united states deserves respect and deserve support. you can come to a microphone and
4:17 am
say i'm not going to vote for mitch mcconnell for majority leader. pete: strong words. so to me to discuss the path forward. some conservative groups want the leader out over inability to pass the agenda appeared cbot party pictures jenny beth martin. give voice to the feeling is that the majority leader has got to go. >> looking out what is not happen in the united states senate. obamacare has not been repealed, that we do have a new supreme court justice. we appreciate we have neil gorsuch on the supreme court. we have others not named. there is no attempt to balance the budget at all and the list goes on and on. the senate and the republicans in the senate made promises and are breaking their promises.
4:18 am
>> either way, they are channeling but i called the inner break are. he looks exactly like him. andrew wrote against the establishment. you say there's an institutional right, but how do we do it? how do we take mitch mcconnell out? what the opposition? >> we will continue to work right now in the very short-term future to pass tax reform. we have to do that so we can haunt president trump on that. next year as we look at candidates who run after the united states senate asked them whether they vote for mitch mcconnell as leader or not. ask them if they're willing to make it easier to bring bills onto the floor so we can at least debate found enzi were senators stand on them instead of using filibuster as an excuse to do nothing at all right now. there'd be two steps in the right direction. the other thing is whether it
4:19 am
will get rid of the illegal congressional exemption for obamacare. transfer real quick as they said go after the money. it's not viable? >> it is viable. you go after the money, donate to candidates who are keeping promises. look for candidates who have conviction and courage and who are conservatives. you know, back in 2010 and 12 in eight and 12 thinning in 2014 s. candidates are running for office, we didn't fully understand the establishment and how much is pleased to power. we get back now. we need to make sure the candidates of the courage stand up to the power. pete: more mature moving up this
4:20 am
point. david: coming up, al sharpton back al sharpton document is comparing nfl owners to slave owners. >> jerry jones decision in many ways -- [inaudible] transfer unbelievable. he joins us next. pete: plus the major changes coming to another most popular kids shows. the changing thomas, getting a makeover? in the name of gender equality and climate change. you're not going to want to miss this. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
abby: 25 minutes after the hour. back with some quick headlines from the texas air force base overnight. police say three men drove a stolen car right at joint eighth and ran off after high-speed chase. detaining two of those men getting away. he could be hiding somewhere. investigators now probing las vegas shooter steven stephen paddock brain. so far shown no sign of injury or abnormality. transfer the nfl controversy over the national anthem not going away. owner jerry jones recently said
4:25 am
he's refusing to stand for the flag. they will not play. president trump applauded for his stance but others are criticizing the move. >> jerry jones decision in many ways a plantation mentality. >> and the word that comes to mind is plantation. pete: i love that show, that kevin jackson is the ceo and he joins us now at this reaction. good morning. we expect this or not sharpton but then you turn on espn and they are saying plantations. owners are slaveowners. >> is that plantation hiring? i think i like to get a job there. funny to watch these guys hearken back to the old south to scare black people. going down to jerry jones valley putting in my application because i've got to tell you when guys that are making
4:26 am
multiple millions of dollars doing something that there are football players who would give a kidney to go down there to play football for jerry jones and you want us a plantation mentality, it is such a shame that so many of these guys want to always hearken back to the days of slavery and theoretically scare black people into the notion that jerry jones is a racist because he wants his employees to follow the rules. look, millions of americans got up this morning and headed to work. they've got to be there on time because the employee manual says to show it to work on time coming to leave on time. david will agree with me with this. i don't think there's a lot of black folks at jobs taken any because of so-called oppression. they are happy to be at their jobs and painful they have that job in america. >> is there a larger narrative you and i talked about over the years the civil rights industry. booker t. washington said they
4:27 am
don't want the patient to get well. is this about the nfl or the civil rights industry? >> i wrote a book on it in blood, we deal with this every single time some issue comes up to the point of ad nauseam. america knows that the so-called oppression happening to blacks is a joke. at one point tiger woods, we know the name. who's the number one talk show host in america? pete: i was going to save david webb. >> as blacks, we are successful in all walks of life. i challenge any black person. tell me where you would rather live in what plantation you would want to work on. every single job you have is a plantation, every job in america is at the patient. it is ridiculous to think like this and quite frankly the longer-range implication of this
4:28 am
is who wants to hire folks that have that type of mentality. if you can't hire young black men to go make millions of dollars without being considered a slave owner, what are you going to hire kevin jackson? train for 20 nonapplication all fill it out. abby: good to see you this morning. pete: coming up when they put the prompter up, we'll tell you what's next on the show. kellyanne conway, turning her into a clan. train for this offends me because i've known for a very long time. pete: wake up and smell the apples on the doughnuts. live on our side it is smelling good. the in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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4:32 am
all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit pete: a lot of our viewers out there will be familiar with thomas the tank engine. it's classic. kids love it appeared if you change it. there's more boy engines and the trend of growing gems. they're balancing it out. getting rid of two males and placing them with female trains. on the other changes that will
4:33 am
make thomas more sustainable. follow u.n. goals and stop promoting someone. >> i used to watch the show. nicholas and lily. and yet you are right. i was kind of the way a word, the way you grew up. gross watch it, too. now the agenda drives it. i'm not against grower boy trains. would like to see a nice high-speed train represented, whatever the case may be. i just don't see the agenda of being the driver. >> on flawless argument of let's not be too overly political. i'm someone that loves thomas the tank is a young girl growing up. as a woman i think that's great. i'm all for more clean energy in this country. so these -- if this is something to be worried about.
4:34 am
david: if there is an agenda throw into this common just change the characters. pete: does that kill childhood? i am about to have a girl into i don't think i would send her childhood. pete: said he loved it. it wasn't because there was more boys are less gross. people are criticizing shows being sexist and anti-environmentalist. you don't watch it because of any of those things. you watch because trains are funding go on adventures. that's the point of being a kid. it's not what's even it out so parents can feel good about themselves. abby: also washed about the boy appeared pete: you just said he loved it. abby: i did love it. watching it now is our young girl, to see girls on the face of the train was empowering. i didn't know that because all they had was boys at the time.
4:35 am
trade for i agree with you. i don't care if it's balance. abby: if the idea of showing young women we can be just like men and do whatever we want to be. pete: of course you can be. abby: it's different when you grow up as a boy in that is what you're used to. growing up as a girl, we don't have that. it was always about the superheroes. i find this refreshing. train for when boys used to go play with the barbie doll mak calluses and break them and girls would get mad at kids. let kids be kids. let them fight over who does what. pete: do we it to females? let us know what you think. e-mail us at friends@fox abby: the next generation, this is all the next generation will know. pete: can't wait for the new politically correct future where everything has solar panels. david: maybe the trains can self
4:36 am
identify. abby: would love to know what you all think as well. sergeant though someone expected to plead guilty. the 31-year-old charge. the former commander michael wells joins us on the show telling us how this could play out. >> there are men who don't get to live at all, so much less even enjoy a hot meal in prison. to me, justice's life in prison. abby: captured by the taliban in 2009 while on patrol in afghanistan. five years later they traded five taliban terrorists to get him back. he now faces life in prison if you convict did. forcing to close the door is all because the president trump. cut it grill writing to face the post. among the things they support, the president and our military. on the list of things they resent come in dealing for the
4:37 am
national anthem. the arizona restaurant closed for good after receiving angry phone calls and threats in response to that post. and it was a wild week in college football. four top 10 teams following unranked opponents. auburn 27-23. >> they do snap. >> players are not the only one yesterday. oregon game. that is adorable. >> that's been running right there. stop on a dime. in for the touchdown. blow your horn, baby. abby: a bit of a squirrel. i love that. that's hilarious. security eventually captured the animal, wrapping it in a blanket
4:38 am
and taken it off the field. how cute is that? abby: someone has a nice dependent home. i would take it. there must be food. pete: there might be food over there. we will find it appeared our own amazing fall festival thanks to the fantastic heller family farm. see my color is a family farm over 200 years old. seven generations. great, great, great grand parents. 200 years her family farm. would you primary race? >> primarily strawberries, pumpkins covered, strawberries as well. lots of corn for corn mazes. but we really raises a lot of fun and memories for a families. >> we are coming into fall. what would folks signed up on the viewers? >> we have 45 different things to do at the farm.
4:39 am
corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin rolling, animals to visit with. it's a great time. >> by the way, we are solidly in fall. not just coming into autumn. so when i was a kid -- [inaudible] >> exactly. at the farm we actually do have a huge sandbox, but the kids, the number one activity is playing in corn. >> by the way, this is a little bit easier to get out of your kids than sanders. that is awesome. what is this over here? >> this is what we call a rat racer. so the kids, where are they at? go on in there. off she goes.
4:40 am
this is a lot of fun. is this bobbing for pumpkin? >> that is called pumpkin splash. you basically throw pumpkins and hit the water, not the kids. we'll do this with brian tilney. much more fun coming up this morning, planning your fall stuff which is coming out. >> we are in the middle of fall. >> thanks for being out here. abby: those kids are so cute. up next essay done the starbucks chairman howard schultz. he will buy in on everything from taxes to the national anthem protest and whether he will run for office himself. you don't want to miss that. trade surpluses with us, sebastian gorka, dave bossier, all i had this morning.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
i think it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. you make a difference here is about doing extraordinary things. no one at second season highlight stories that her son about helping wounded warriors rebuild strength and confidence. take a look at this. >> first i find the real thing we can provide these veterans, but what i didn't realize that the lack of community going on for a lot of these veterans. what we do now is provide that community to veteran surfers to veteran surfers the benefit for motion therapy, being in the water. >> starbucks executive chairman howard schultz also wrote and produced the series. great to have you with us.
4:45 am
i watched this yesterday and it's great because they are short. about five to seven minutes am not a clip of one of them. so powerful. a >> so powerful, so authentic and i think demonstrates the compassion and humanity of as you said ordinary people doing extraordinary things. these are only 11 stories. we could've found thousands. basically what it is in every town and city in the country, people are doing great things that of human kindness. i was in houston a few weeks ago and saw the tragedy. people coming together, but we found you don't get a catastrophe. abby: white ipads right now. huge passion for veteran but also giving people opportunity for a quality. how do you feel about the kneeling during the national and in conversations about that.
4:46 am
>> i've become very good friends at the coach of the seattle seahawks and i look at what they've done us a great example. they come together as a team and organization and i've created a fund for equality and justice. i think that is a perfect example of perhaps hundreds you with a very tough issue. i would also say that the american flag in the history of our country has gone through a number of episodic issues of protest embraced in the first amendment. this is not the first time. we will get through this, the flag in the country are stronger. i am not here to criticize or support with nfl players are doing, but i do believe there is an issue in the country about a quality and race. perhaps not the best way to proceed, but it is an initiative we have to deal with. a country with such a divisiveness and concern.
4:47 am
>> i want to ask you while i have you here about business tax cuts. he wants to drop it down to 20%. he'd really like to drop it to 15%. you know this better than anybody. >> i don't think you can drop the corporate tax rate in isolation. we made significant, transformative tax reform. if there's going to be a drop in the corporate tax rate, that has to be part of a much bigger transformation and we must do with the fact we will have $25 trillion debt by the time this president finishes his four years or not finishes, but the four year term. but that level and deficit is a big issue in tax reform has to be dealt with. i would say we need an economic transformation in this country because we have tax reform. abby: howard schultz, ceo,
4:48 am
chairman coming down, you've done so much to help with the country in different ways. are you going to do politics next? >> i've no intention of running for public office. i have a deep love and admiration for the country. i do feel the country is going through significant crucible in and doing everything i can as a private citizen and trying to use the platform of starbucks to is advanced humanity and compassion in our society. you can find it at, amazon and obviously the starbucks app on our phone. over 60 million people viewed it last year. 100 million will disappear. the design today we party seem significant taking turns the people watching it. these stories are so uplifting and hopefully will advance the compassion in our society. >> their life-changing. incredibly inspiring. thank you for all you do.
4:49 am
sending obama cares and it gives people peace of mind. our next guest says there is nothing peaceful about millions losing their coverage. the fbi finding new documents about the intimate meaning to bill clinton and loretta lynch. we are going to talk to the man who sued over those documents. a lot more coming up on "fox and friends" sunday. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. like paperless, multi-car,e and safe driver,
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demand such solace and peace of mind. people don't think of it this way. they think of it only in terms of dollars. but think of the peace of mind this has brought to millions of people about to be ripped away.
4:53 am
>> former vice president joe biden did you name joe biden taking aim at president trump's move to dismantle obama cared, and defending it as peace of mind for millions. our next guest points out there is no peace of mind with millions losing health care or seeing premiums rise. more gop new york city councilman a rare breed in new york. gop councilman joe gore rally. on my support, obamacare of my support. what support. would you say to vice president biden? >> it's almost like vice president biden is living an alternative universe where you didn't run successfully and take over the house, senate and white house running almost on the singular issue of the repeal and replace obamacare. if you want to talk about peace of mind, what was the peace of mind for people that promise their premiums would go down by $2500 set one up $3000. the people never told you can keep your doctor and keep your plan. if you want to talk about peace of mind of the american people, how about the people that got the short end of the stick on
4:54 am
obamacare that the republicans in the power today. >> by the way, you are rare breed in new york city and i say that with all respect. around the country legislatures and taken over by republicans. is there a role for the state and what would that be for states in major cities like new york to do with the issues for citizens? >> we can forgive before obamacare this country don't have health policy and the majority was made at the state level. there is a tremendous role in that is why the trumpet gop plan allows states through block grants to make decisions that they want for their stay. that's good in new york may not be good for oklahoma. that's the way we'd done it for the majority of the history of our country with our constitution and that's when i hope to go back to. >> what about the portability issues and all of those other states work together. they regulate insurance
4:55 am
traditionally and that's where it is. all across this country. >> this goes back to the forgotten realms the democrats put aside. they tried to fix an imperfect system. we can admit that because he wasn't perfect. what they simply did was break it further and make things worse through the presidents through the presidents plan gop's plan to allow people to buy health care across state lines was probably the first being president trump promise. this is why i'm excited he's doing it. this will help tremendously. >> we have this executive order. would you want the president to do next and what you want him to do that you can work within the council of. >> the president has the first main step in making small businesses to give them access for competitive health insurance. these subsidies and insurance
4:56 am
companies down the congress and say it's your turn to act. going back to vice president biden, if he was under a rock, he must've been because the news is not about republicans fearful of the democratic fallout to repeal obamacare. it's actually the fallout of their own party's voters. these are people upset with members of congress, members of the senate failing to repeal and replace. trevor councilman, job or rally, good to see you. dr. sebastian gorka sending a warning to the left, that they should be more worried now. he joins us next hour. plus, outrage over the boy scouts decision to start admitting girls into their ranks had one writer says feminist groups have gone too far. she is here to explain that just ahead. ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> president trump taking an axe to the obama legacy. he's far from finished. >> you have to remove these things so you can completely devolve power out of dc. >> what did he tell you said is it would be good in the democrats came to the white house and cut a deal on obamacare. >> the academy of motion picture arts and sciences expetal embattled producer harvey weinstein. >> saying that -- >> steve bannon declaring war on the gop establishment. >> there's a time and season for everything, and right now it's a seasonal war against a gop establishment. >> what has the hill, what has the g.o.p. rino establishment done for this president? >> the senate and republicans in the senate made promises and they're breaking their promises. they're not keeping them.
5:01 am
>> he's gonna come to the plate, throw by gregorius, not in time, throw dropped, astros win 2-1. ♪ beautiful david: now, that's a pumpkin tree. there you go. pete: kiddie -- i think rick's atop the kiddie pumpkin true. abby: look how cute that suspect we are celebrating fall out here on our plaza where pumpkins everybody. david: i see a pumpkin drop over there. pete: the hellrick family farm. you said earlier in the show there were gonna be apple cider donates out there also? that was fake news. there are apple cider doughnuts at all fall festivals. david: i'm with pete on this. i want apple cider doughnuts. pete: if people want to deliver
5:02 am
them here, they could. abby: is there cider? david:. pete: hard cider. abby: its busy out here in the plaza, and it's been a very busy week for president trump whether it be tax reform, the iran deal on friday, but a lot of people are up in arms on this. david: let's not forget the supreme court again upholding again an executive order. abby: reversing a lot of the policies that barack obama -- david: the supreme court's backing trump but over 13 times they refuted obama. the constitution's in play. pete: constitution still matters matters. it's not just a living document. david: exactly. greatest document ever written. the legal dna for the country. pete: the left is trying to figure out what this all means, how could the president be doing all these things that he said he was gonna do on the campaign trail, what does it mean for the
5:03 am
president's psychology? this is david axelrod, former obama senior adviser opining on that subject. >> i believe that the president thinks this is chum in the water fulfill youing his campaign promises for his base. i also believe that he is motivated by trying to obliterate the obama legacy which is in part also chum in the water for his base but also there's some other thing at play here that i don't have the qualifications to analyze, that clearly motivates him because every time he talks about anything that president obama did, he talks about it in these very caustic terms as if he's jealous or envious of the esteem with which obama left office. david: i don't know, abby, is he opining as pete said or is he whining? abby: look. i think, if anything, if you're president trump, that's probably seen as a compliment. because when you have people that worked on the former administration that are concerned about the policies that you're rolling back, it
5:04 am
makes you wonder, what will barack obama's legacy be? david: you know what? you're taking fire when you're over the target. it's that simple. abby: as you said, though, every new administration that comes in does this. they at least attempt to reverse the policies. david: right -- abby: of the last political party and their agenda before. president trump campaigned on all of these things. he campaigned on the iran deal and thinking about decertifying that. he campaigned on changing health care. he campaigned on tax reform. these are things that we all knew he was going to do if he got into the white house. pete: the fact that they're taking such offense to that point, abby, is the fact that they so rarely seeing politicians that get elected and actually do what they said they were gonna do. he's going down the list that steve bannon had in his office of all the campaign promises and he's knocking them out. the reason he might be using a caustic tone sometimes, a, he's a different kind of politician, but b, he didn't want to see the country transformed like obama said. he is now the american people's voice and he's following through it. david: the people voted on this agenda. we're a representative republic. we're not mob through.
5:05 am
we're not a democracy. we are a representative republic a constitutional republic, and our representatives are supposed to do what we told them to do. we've turned over seats at the states, we've got more republican governorships. look at the states that are doing well. start doing an analysis of this country. america is mostly red. but we've got these population centers that really turn it around for the democrats. abby: but there's still a lot of frustration in this country. we know when we go out to the diners frustration with the establishment republicans that they're not stepping up and helping the president what needs to be done particularly okay had had. where are they? this is what they campaigned on for seven, eight years. so now steve bannon, he has left the white house and probably -- pete: unleas.ed abby: -- a little bit more dangerous outside the white house than he is inside and he's putting these establishment republicans on notice. here's what he said. >> there's a time and season for everything. and right now, it's a season, a war against a gop establishment. (applause) it's no longer
5:06 am
acceptable to come and pat you on the head and tug everything's gonna be fine, get these guys in office. this is not my war. this is our war. (applause) >> and you all didn't start it. the establishment started. pete: that's exactly right. mitch mcconnell looks you in the eye for seven years and says we're gonna rip obamacare out root and branch, and then they can't even pass a skinny bill. david: lisa murkowski, susan collins, look at all those easy votes that they had to cost. you know, someone i worked with for many years, the tea party movement being one of the original founders, jennybeth martin, this is what she had to say. >> the senate and the republicans in the senate made promises and they're breaking they're promises. they're not keeping them. you know, back in 2010 and '12 and even 2014 as candidates were running for office, they weren't
5:07 am
quite sure, we didn't fully understand the full depth of the establishment and how much they just cleaved to power. we get that now. so as we're looking at our candidates next year, we need to make sure they're candidates who have the courage to stand up to the power in washington. abby: i think these midterms this next year are going to be so fascinating to pete: get the popcorn. abby: yeah, 'cause you're gonna have the establishment -- we'll see if they change their tune in the months to come if they realize in order to win their reelection they're gonna have to start helping out the president, because if they don't they're gonna have nothing on their plate in terms of what they've gotten done. david: another important point, you go back to 2009 and '10, the start of the tea party movement, the grassroots movement, those were the nascent stages. it's matured since then. candidates have gotten better, they've learned how to run races how to get funding, how on to work with data management. little by little this is america changing, this is a voter change and the establishment didn't get the american voter, that the
5:08 am
voter wanted something pete: that's right. and the voter is now wise to what dc does, to your point, abby. they campaign as conservatives and go to washington for six years and do whatever mitch mcconnell and the establishment and lobbyists and wall street tell them to do. you can't just talk one way. it's what they've done. they've got a track record of abby: it's a problem for democrats as well. they need to start winning elections. it's what they stand for. they're in a are you the, who are we, how do we get people to come to the polls versus the republicans. david: they're no longer a national party. the democrats are no the progressives in charge. what happened to the blue dog democrats, what happened to the daniel patrick moynihan democrats? joe manchin runs and hides the moment he says something rational. john f. kennedy was the first tax cut president. they've written him out of their hist.ry abby: that is one thing that people do like about president trump is he's about rights, right? he's this business guy getting
5:09 am
into washington. he's saying, at this point i want everybody to come to the table. david: he said it yesterday, about to board marine one. abby: "i'll go to you." pete: a program coming to you if you choose to change the channel is saturday night live. abby: you stay up that light? david: if you're pete you're awake. pete: right. anyone associated with president trump, including powerful females like kellyanne conway, this is how they portrayed here last night. >> hi. it's me. kellyanne conway. but you can kelly me kellywise, the dancing clown. it's kellyanne. pete: what did you do to your makeup? >> i toned it down. pete: i should go. >> ooh, don't go. >> shut up. >> okay, so secretary tillerson didn't call the president a
5:10 am
moron they were sharing a sundae and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles. and the president -- pete: it was anderson cooper in there. abby: that didn't look anything like anderson cooper. david: if you want to do something funny, do it. but i'm personally offended. one i've known kelly for a very long time. she's an accomplished woman, a woman business owner, she's raised her family, made herself literally a top-notch data person over the years, they make her a caricature. i don't mind funny. funny is great. this isn't funny. it's an attempt to demean here. abby: right. david: it's an attempt to make her a caricature, and as someone that i've known for a very long time, i'm offended. and, i tell you what, s&l used to be funny, but without trump, they wouldn't have a show. abby: and it's one thing, you said you're friends with her. i think we can all laugh at something that as you said -- david: kellyanne conway would laugh at it if it's funny. maybe she is.
5:11 am
abby: right. this is part of comedy in this country. we should be able to laugh at every political party, every person involved in that. that's fine. but in this case as you said it does get personal. how often the media has criticized her for her looks and her makeup and being a woman. david: things we're not supposed to. comedy used to be fearless, right? it's supposed to be fearless, not concrete fearful reactions. think about it. pete: and the double standard is glaring every single night. they would never do these things to someone on the left. we saw with the love notes on jimmy fallon, all the female writers that came out, they're all liberals, all of them. find me a conservative inside the s&l cast or crew or writers. david: find me somebody funny. find me somebody funny. they're not funny anybody. pete: 'cause there's blinded by their ideology. that's the point. and it comes through on the screen. too bad, really, because saturday night live is supposed to be fun. abby: we have headlines i want to bring you starting with a fox news alert and the fires out west, flames stretching up to 100 miles wide forcing into
5:12 am
evacuations in northern california. this as we learn at least 40 people have now died. that nobody expected to climb as hundreds of people still remain missing. the causes of the fires which broke out last sunday still being investigated as officials look into whether downed power lines played a role. and the motion picture academy kicking out harvey weinstein amid sexual harassment allegations. the world's top movie organization making that decision to expel the disgraced hollywood producer in an emergency session yesterday, the academy releasing a statement saying this in part: "the era of willful ignorance and shame shameful complicity in sexual predecessor and workplace harassment is over." no, it's not. abby: know how a spinner works in space? well, several nasa astronauts now have the answer taking newton's law for a test-drive board the international space station. the toy spinning as you would expect on earth but things get even more interesting when the astronauts grab onto the gadget
5:13 am
and start spinning it themselves themselves. david: the gadget spins them? pete: that doesn't work here. david: there's a steve bannon fidget spinner. abby: because of the gravity if you do that in space you're the one spinning with it. david: laws of motion. pete: we have a show going on here apparently. david: work on the couch. pete: coming up, dr. sebastian gorka, david bossie and maria bartiromo. abby: documents come out about that infamous meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. will those new documents ignite a new scandal? it's time for our fall sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? and right now queen sleep number beds start at just $699. save $200 during the final days our fall sale. ends sunday. our guests can earn a free night when they book at
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>> the left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens. abby: all right. our next guest making those comments joining fellow former white house staffer steve bannon this weekend with a warning to liberals and the washington establishment. it's been getting criticized. pete: yeah. and that's not all he has to say say. joining us now with more, former deputy assistant to the president, dr. sebastian gorka. doctor, thanks for joining us us us. liberal heads exploding when they say -- >> i love it. pete: they're used to using government to impact private people. what you're saying is when i'm on the outside with private citizens, i can do more? >> yes. so the left under obama use the irs to attack their political opponents. they spied on journalists like james rosen and their parents. so, yeah, we don't do that. we don't believe in using stars
5:18 am
starsie like cold war communist tactics. we believe in fighting the good fight politically. the men and women is sorry, leftists, far more dangerous on the outside. look at what we did in alabama. i went down there to campaign for judge moore. so did steve. the establishment spent so much money on their candidate, and we defeated them. the swamp will be drained, pete. abby: dr. gorka, what do you say to democrats who would be cheering in movement of yours and steve bannon's on, saying, we want division in the republican party. i'm sure there are democrats saying that as we speak. >> i'm sure there are, but, look the democrats still don't understand what happened on november the 8th. they are doubling down. if you look at their policies in the last eight months, it's as if hillary clinton is still their candidate. if you listen to what they're saying in office, if you listen to schumer, if you listen to nancy, they have no idea why a
5:19 am
former democrat registered blue-collar steelworker in youngstown valley in the steel valley of ohio voted for a billionaire from new york. so i don't care what they say; they are so wrong. 2010 is going to be a pleasure to watch. david: steve would be we've got nancy pelosi and you just mentioned her. her op-ed says this: "what the president is doing, it's violent violent. his actions are violent. he does violence to what we want to do in health care. he does violence to the national debt by what he's adding to it. he does violence to the world in terms of nuclear proliferation and the environment and in our standing in the world with his frivolity." apparently she's violently opposed to president trump. what do you say to that? >> david, there is violence in political discourse in america, especially in the last year, but you know who owns that violence? it's nancy pelosi. it's chuck schumer. it's the left.
5:20 am
who's james hodgkinson? does that name anything to you? that's the man who shot steve scalise at a republican baseball game, and when they shot him they found a hit list on him with the names of all the other republican politicians he was going to assassinate. what about the fact that the man in oregon on the train who knifed two people to death, he was a jill stein supporter. james hodgkinson was a bernie sanders volunteer. what about the five police in texas assassinated in one day by a black lives matter supporter? the left has institutionalized violence -- david: steve, we've gotta leave it there on that note, the left is institutionalized violence. great to have you here, my friend. do voice-overs. we've got a general consensus. you know what i'm talking ab.ut pete: dr. gorka, thanks a lot. abby: he does have a good vo.ce pete: first of all, nancy pelosi combines with
5:21 am
doesn't get any more liberal to that. the violence of adding to the debt? all she wrote was violence. violence, violence, violence. abby: all right. growing outrage over the boy scouts' decision to start admitting girls into their ranks. a woman says feminist groups, they've gone too far.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
destroy a airport. michael estes left the bag outside an airport in the asheville, north carolina, earlier this month. he says he was preparing to quote, fight a war on u.s. soil. great idea. abby: a move by the boy scouts shaking up century-old traditions now allowing girls to join its ranks. >> we've been looking for years at the educational value as cub scouting, the content, the curriculum, is it as relevant for little girls as it is for little boys and educators and our parents have said it absolutely is so we provided a pathway so that girls can now participate fully in cub scout scouting. david: that move creating controversy. to weigh in senior contributor for the federalist -- i get the federalist. great magazine, russell, nicole. anecdotally i've here'd from a lot of people on radio and leaders, that girl scouts programs are not as good as they
5:26 am
are within the girl scouts. is that true or is that a problem within the girl scouts? >> whether that's true or not, i'm not sure exactly, but i think boys need to be left themselves to do boy things and learn how to be men from boys. and girls can pursue their own -- david: what's the agenda then? what's the point? is there an agenda here? >> i think there is an agenda. i think the national organization of women is a group that really pressured the boy scouts into making this decision decision. i think it shows how powerful the feminist lobby is. and they succumb to that. and so now we're trying to neutralize the sexes. abby: it's interesting that the feminist lobby group that you're talking about they think they're the spokesperson for all young girls and all women. >> right. abby: but since this decision has been made, there's actually been a backlash from a number of women and a number of the girls speaking out about how important it is to be separate, for girls to have their own thing and for boys to have their own thing. i think since the early seventies they've had mixed events and things they do together, but there is something pretty powerful about, you know,
5:27 am
having something that is just yours. >> yes. i think the differences between the sexes is not only biological and it's wired in, it's really important, not to neutralize them but to celebrate them, to keep them separate because then that way boys learn how to be men from other men, girls learn how to be women from women, and we can both complement each other later on. pete: you talked about this move being potentially the end of men men. others talk about a war on boys. what does this tell us about that? >> i think when you try to neutralize the difference between the sexes what happened is that eventually women -- it's not enough to be equal. it's not enough to have equal opportunity and equal rights. the feminist lobby wants to be entitled, and they want to come into all these groups. and so eventually then boys have no influence, and they just become downplayed over abby: how is this going to work though? when you think about boy scouts you think about camping, you think about going on hikes. how are you gonna combine -- and they've already been in some
5:28 am
trouble of their own with issues in the past. how are you going to combine young girls and young boys? i worry about how that moves forward in the most productive way possible. >> i worry about that too. the onus is on them to try to figure that out, and they're gonna stumble into those problems. and maybe they will learn quickly that this isn't going to work because they do need to be separate and they need to enjoy their own time pete: it's great to see the girl scouts come out really hard against this. >> that surprised me. david: nicole russell. one of my favorite icons, one school district just pulled "to kill a mockingbird." that's wuss best of all time. president trump taking an axe to the obama legacy from beaux to immigration. we're gonna ask david bossie about that and he's gonna discuss. ♪ hungry eyes
5:29 am
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5:33 am
>> they would if they respected the cups, they would show me on there and show me as santa claus giving all the children coal. >> the cups say pumpkin spice is back. >> get out of there right now, mike. give them the vamoose. folks, we're gonna start saying "merry christmas" again, and you cannot disrespect our lord and savior, santa claus, like that. pete: so that was saturday night live. david: it was almost funny. pete: it was funny, actually. abby: i was laughing. david: i think that one was worth a chuc.le pete: it's playing off something trump president trump has made a big part of his effort. in this politically correct cultural i can't even say "merry christmas." maybe starbucks will do it. abby: former deputy campaign manager for president trump, david bossie, fox news contributor. david, we were chuckling there because there was a lot of truth behind what was being made fun of. look, president trump has made it clear that god is very important to him, celebrating
5:34 am
christmas, saying "merry christmas," that is who he is, what he wants to bring back to this country. >> it certainly is. this is president trump at his core. he believes that the american people are tired of this political correct talk, and it's gotten worse and worse and worse over the years. and so, you know, i know saturday night live is trying to be funny and they want to mock it and they want to wrap it into the nfl, it sounded to me like they were trying to wrap it into you know, his position on the nfl and standing for our anthem and our flag. but the president wants for the american people to be able to say "merry christmas" and have stores be able to say "merry christmas" when you have a people enter and have christmas greetings for people and have starbucks put merry christmas back on their cups. it's antithetical to the united states what we don't do these things. we are a christian nation. david: dave, while they're trying to take us off into
5:35 am
comedy land and caricatures, the fact is there's a real agenda here. let's talk about the real agenda the president's trying to enact and how he gets that done by christmas. >> well, look, he's on to real issues. the media, the media wants to portray him as only doing these personal things. when the president over the last couple of weeks has done nothing but policy, if you look at his initiatives, whether it's immigration reform, tax reform, his repealing and replacing through executive order obamacare because of the failure of congress, you know, the president is on every day doing the policy for the american people that he promised during the campaign. it's one thing after another, promise made, promise kept. and that's why his poll numbers are going up. he is responding to -- the american people are responding to the president's message of hope, growth, and opportunity. if you look at the economy, what the president has done, this engine that is our economy is
5:36 am
ready to take off, if we just give it the tax reform it needs. and that's what -- it's so vital for the american people. and what the president is marching for. pete: you're right. consumer confidence is at its highest level in 13 years. and you think so the media. their credibility is the lowest it's been in quite some time. david:. >>and i'm happy to see it. pete: and a big part of it is how this president has litigated what he calls fake news. but it's not just a fight against the left and the media. right now it's a big frustration with establishment republicans who haven't moved forward and on the president's agenda. one of our friends and colleagues steve bannon predicts not only that they're gonna take all these guys on but it will lead to a win in 2020. listen to what steve bannon had to say. >> and i hate to break the news to graden carter and the good folks of vanity fair, but yes, president trump's not only gonna finish this term he's gonna win with 400 electoral votes in 2020 2020. pete: now, bannon said the president was gonna win when he
5:37 am
was a candidate when no one else thought he would. he's saying this now. are you surprised at all? >> oh, i'm not surprised one little bit. steve bannon -- and i was in the room with steve a lot during the campaign, obviously. steve, no matter what was going on every single day, understood what the american people wanted in this election and always said no matter who was listening, that the president was gonna win a hundred percent. he guaranteed victory before the november election last year. so i'm not surprised. president trump has done an amazing job. he is frustrated with congress, and that's what steve's talking about. let's get into that a little bit bit. there's a problem in the leadership in the house and senate, and it's not just their fault. i will step back one second. congressman -- or senator corker senator mccain, those folks are not in leadership, and they are creating these problems for the senate leadership every day.
5:38 am
john mccain single-handedly saved obamacare a couple weeks ago, and what the president did this week with his executive order was not his first choice. he wanted to go through the legislative remedy, do it the right way. this executive order, series of executive orders is the last-ditch effort to live up to the promise he made, which is repealing and replacing obamacare. so he is dismantling, through getting rid of these subsidies, as the first step. david: so, dave, the president's gonna be with senator mcconnell tomorrow. what are they gonna talk about? >> well, i hope they talk about tax reform. that is the single most important thing that we need to have done for the american people, and that's where we are. we're on the cusp of discussing and getting through congress before the end of the year. and that is important. we need congress, both the house and senate, to feel the pressure of getting a budget passed
5:39 am
through the senate and then getting on to tax reform and not just decreasing rates but having real reforms and be able to bring back that money overseas and bring back jobs to america, which is the president's priority. pete: david, it's also been reported that the president spoke to steve bannon after steve bannon made a lot of these comments. do you believe the president's gonna side with an effort to get rid of mitch mcconnell, and where is he on the status of this majority leader? >> well, let's just say that i've heard the president is -- from him and from others, that he's incredibly frustrated with many members in the house and senate, not just one person, not just the majority leader in the senate. but whether it's senator flake or senator corker -- and just talk about corker for a second. corker saw what was going on in tennessee, he sees what's going on across america, and he decides, instead of having a tough reelection to win his
5:40 am
nomination again, he has decided to not run for reelection. that is what is going on across abby: right. >> the conservative movement is incredibly strong and frustrated right now. and they're gonna send a message through these primaries. not every single senator needs a primary. i don't think that that's the case, but a lot of them do. and i'm a term limits guy. i believe we need term limits -- david: it's number one on bannon bannon's war room list when he was there. >> exactly right. the number one thing for president abby: there's already been a wake-up call for mitch mcconnell in the state of alabama with luther strange losing that race. it's interesting to see what will come out of that meeting tomorrow with president trump and mitch mcconnell. david bossie, great to have you on the program. turning on other headlines we're following. a family vacation ending in heartbreak after their eight year old takes a deadly fall from a deck of a cruise ship, the carnival ship docking in miami when all of a sudden the girl fell down several floors. a witness describing that chaos. >> it was just crazy. you heard the thump, and then
5:41 am
people started screaming and people started running everywhere. abby: the girl then rushed to the hospital where she died from those injuries. still unclear what led her to fall off that ship. also, a school district pulling to kill a mockingbird from its eighth grade reading list saying there's language in it that makes students too uncomfortable. the mississippi, biloxi, school district saying they can learn the same lesson from other books books. the school district says it will remain on their library shelves. one of my favorites. entertains go off to president trump. comic george lopes tried an anti-trump routine for a gala for juvenile diabetes and gets booed off the staple. his apology doesn't go over well either. >> i apologize for bringing politics to an event. it's america. still is. i apologize -- abby: and actor robert de niro
5:42 am
apparently triggered by the president trump's -- >> he's a punk, he's a dog, he's a pig, he's a con, a [bleep] artist, he talks how he wants to punch people in the face. well, i'd like to bunch him in the face. abby: wow. the actor going off during a new york city gala where a park bench was dedicated to him. he says the president cannot sit on that park bench. pete: that's what i do when i get park benches named after me. can i get a bench? david: the f.b.i. finding new documents about the infamous tarmac meeting between bill clinton and attorney general -- then attorney general loretta lynch. will they ignite a new scandal? tom fitton, the man who sued for those documents, he's joining us next. pete: i'm still on the bench pink the president should come on his bench. abby: gonna punch him, too? pete: we'll see. then forget the flag or police. one former player says the anthem protests are about gender pay gap. okay, that's a new one.
5:43 am
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5:47 am
upon arrival each pup will get a pluto welcome quick, dog walking maps, food bowls, and even a mat mat. the pilot program starts today. i want to take my dog pete: they're gonna need doggie bags there too. keep it clean. the f.b.i. finding 30 new pages of documents about this controversial tarmac meeting. you'll remember that back in june of 2016 between former president bill clinton and then attorney general loretta lynch. why did it matter so much? lots investigations going on. oh, and an election. judicial watch now saying the feds only found the documents after the watchdog group caught them, the agency hiding them. we've got the president of judicial watch tom fitton joining us now. as a result of a second lawsuit you now know that there are 30 f.b.i. documents but initially the f.b.i. didn't want to reveal that? >> yeah, back when the tarmac meeting has happened we asked for records from both the f.b.i. and the justice department about them. we got the stonewall, we sued. justice department recently
5:48 am
turned over documents with the talking points that were blacked out that everyone heard about a month or two ago but also included in that batch of documents were communications with the f.b.i. the f.b.i. had told us they didn't have anything, so she came back and said we're re reopening the foia and just the other day they told us they found 30 new pages of records that they'll need six weeks to review before they turn over to us . pete: so six weeks from now sometime in november we'll be getting these documents. what would you anticipate these 30 documents might reveal? >> well, they'll probably be a lot of blacked-out material, which that's par for the course from the government. but certainly the f.b.i. and director comey at the time, he expressed concern about the meeting and other things that were going on in the justice department in terms of the justice department's credibility and bias that was evidently protecting hillary clinton. so be interesting to see if there were communications directly about that once this meeting between clinton and lynch took place, a meeting when took place just before mrs.
5:49 am
clinton was to be interviewed by the f.b.i. and one that mrs. lynch admitted cast a cloud over the investigation. pete: how often, tom -- you file these foia requests and lawsuits to get documents that the public deserves to see. how often do you feel like politics is what motives what's actually released, or do you feel like for the most part you get a straight deal? >> well, on sensitive topics like this you've gotta push in court to get the records. the agencies would voluntarily turn them over and in the case of the f.b.i. i think somebody knowingly withheld this information from us and only fessed up to it once we called them out as a result of the justice department disclosing some information. there's no good reason that these documents shouldn't have been found given the high level nature of the communications that we found that the justice department had with f.b.i. officials. pete: it's counterintuitive there wouldn't be there wouldn't be some documents as well with the level of consequence of a meeting of this level as well. tom fitton, president of judicial watch. thank you for being here and
5:50 am
your hard work. appreciate it. speaking of the clintons, hillary is taking her election blame game across the pond. and you won't believe who she's a pointing the finger at this time. it's maybe the 49th finger she's pointed at someone else to blame for the loss. ed henry at the top of the hour. and thomas the tank engine getting what some might call an overhaul all in the name of gender equality and climate change. you're not going to believe this this. you're not gonna want to miss this and your emails have been pouring in on how you feel about thomas getting some new politically correct friends. and lots of solar panels. ♪ ♪ you won'
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abby: we all grew up with the
5:54 am
winnie the pooh books. now the books are coming to life in "good-bye christopher robin." the great thing is to find something to be happy about. >> i think i've got something for us. pete: "good-bye christopher robin" is in theaters this weekend. david: here with an exclusive and interview with the movie stars, oh, no, senior vp of market michael tamero. i just ate. pete hegseth there. here's the story, and i'm seeing something similar in this trend to tell the story of the people behind the stories. >> yeah. i had a chance to catch up with the cast who told me all about the man himself a. a. milne, the inspiration and the backstory behind these iconic stories. ♪ >> he really like this book for me. i'd definitely read it. >> shall we go for a walk? >> why aren't you working? >> it doesn't seem likely.
5:55 am
>> love this movie. >> thank you. >> there was a lot going on. this couple who, you know, wrote the perfect children's book had the imperfect relationship with their children. >> which was very typical of parents of that age, to be fair. >> we're going on holiday just to italy for a month or so. >> when you think of winnie the pooh you think of the safe place you know, you think of a place where you can go in your imagination and be unsafe. that's what he had to create, because he was in such traumatic place himself, a. a. milne. >> what did we fight that war for? >> it's over. >> what am i doing about it? >> doing what you're good at, writing plays. >> i've had enough of making people laugh. i want to make them see. >> it was a very theme but done with such a light touch and done respectfully but never heavy-handed, never felt preach. >> there's this whole theme of celebrity. you were like, your character was like one direction, and harry potter all wrapped into one. >> y.ah, >> what was it like for you to play this role? >> it was quite hard, actually, because christopher robin he's a
5:56 am
very sad boy. there's rarely a smile on his face and that smile only comes on out with when his father is playing with him in the woods. >> come on, don't get frostbite. >> i found myself getting a little angry at christopher robin 'cause he had all this good fortune. >> yeah, but you know kids what they want is attention from their parents. i don't think they understood that they were -- abby: is that all they want? i'm in for it, huh? >> this kid, will tillerson who plays the real life christopher robin is incredible. he's eight years old and we talk about the power of celebrity. i want to christopher robin was the most famous kid in the world right behind princess elizabeth, and he said, at eight, he goes he sacrificed his childhood so kids all over the world could have one for themselves. i'm like, oh, my god, you're
5:57 am
eight? abby: he's adorable, too. abby: the reverend, maria bartiromo, ed he.ry pete: that's a lineup. david: one more hour. stick with us. ♪ up now ♪, oh, no, let's go n't sleep? n't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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6:00 am
>> todd: president trump taking an axe to the obama legacy but he's far from finished. >> you have to remove these things. >> the president is on every day , doing the policy for the american people that he promised due the campaign. promise made, promise kept. >> the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, expelling embattled producer harvey weinstein. >> it's not just hipocracy. they knew this for years, and said nothing. >> the academy released a brief statement saying sexually predator behavior in the film industry is over. >> former white house chief strategist steve bannon declaring war on the gop
6:01 am
establishment. >> there's a time and season for everything and right now, it's a season of war against the gop establishment. >> even myself far more dangerous on the outside, the swamp will be drained. >> the senate and the republicly republicans in the senate made promises and they're breaking their promises they're not keeping them. >> it's going to come to the point, throw dropped. win 2-1. ♪ that's when country comes to town ♪ >> todd: almost. almost on that poll there. >> david: open in new york city . the yankees jerseys shouldn't see smiling. >> abby: that's what we do on the plaza of fox and friends we're right in the heart of midtown new york city but we do think you'll never find anywhere
6:02 am
else in new york unless you go to the middle of the country, where i'm from utah. >> david: we like the little tractor. >> todd: thanks to helrick's family farms we're back out there talking to them as well. pumpkins, you know what else, hay rides. >> david: still working on the donuts. >> todd: we don't have them yet we'll get them in here soon, i have a feeling they may have been stole in by our friend ed henry whose also joining fox news chief national correspondent. >> david: that's a heavy assault there. >> todd: donuts my friend? >> i could but pete how many times you playing this yankees clip? you're from minnesota right how did the twins do? >> todd: let's not talk about that. i live right inside this box okay? >> and you're failing to disclose your producer shawn, the ep, is a mets fan and every hour he's playing that clip of the yankees. >> abby: we know we know. >> david: mets fan here so shawn i appreciate that keep up the good work. >> mets were playing golf
6:03 am
yesterday. >> david: again ed back to news >> abby: ed good morning to you. its been a busy week you are there in washington you know it well. friday was a huge day for the white house and for the president. decertifying the iran deal giving it back to congress for 60 days we'll see what they can do with that making changes on healthcare. he's trying to get a lot done. question is is he going to get any help from republicans or maybe democrats he's asking for? >> but here he's saying this morning and it's important to note this because you now have these former obama officials out there trashing the president for trying to change the iran nuclear deal as if this was some perfect deal when in fact there are all kinds of outs for the iranians, when in fact there was millions of dollars changing hands to get this deal through. all of the shady parts of the deal that have come out in the last year or two and they're all looking past all of that, and not understanding that what the president is trying to do here
6:04 am
is make sure that iran doesn't get nuclear weapons and he doesn't think this deal is the right way to go and by the way michael orin, the former israeli ambassador to the u.s. has been on twitter pointing out he has intelligence sources saying 32 times in 2016 the iranians went out and tried to import various military components that are consistent with building nuclear weapons and yet they're insisting and obama officials are insisting with the iranians they're complying with this deal everything is fine. it's not fine. >> todd: it's a great point amazing to watch the obama administration former officials agree with the iranians saying no no no everything is great. >> and you had susan rice yesterday or the day before on twitter with just one line. bs, she said, about a tweet into apac. the israeli american public public affairs group that there's been a sharp critic of the iran nuclear deal so there you have this president, president trump align with israeli prime minister benjamin
6:05 am
netanyahu in the way the previous administration clearly was not so they are trying to spin this. >> abby: and aligned with our allies by the way around the world saying we need the united states to step up stronger. >> david: and ed i'm wearing my donald trump cufflinks here, and steve bannon says i might get to wear another set for his next term. here is what he had to say. >> steve: there's a time and season for everything and right now, it's a season of war against a gop establishment. >> [applause] >> steve: it's no longer acceptable to come and pat you on the head and tell you everything is going to be fine just get these guys in office. this is not my war. this is our war. >> [applause] >> steve: and you all didn't start it. the establishment started it. >> todd: he goes on to guarantee that president trump gets a
6:06 am
second term. what do you make of what steve bannon says? >> well i think it's fascinating for many reasons but the key one is in the last week the left has been circulating this block post steve bannon said somewhere there's only a 30% chance that donald trump survives his first term and that he wouldn't run again. all kinds of suggestions that bannon somehow thinks this president is going to be out of office soon and yet what does he say yesterday in public, in front of the cameras. he said he's going to not only survive but he's going to be re elected with something like 400 electoral votes so i think first of all that was fake news that was out there and he's pushing back on it but the second thing i'd say is steve bannon is on to something else very important which is mitch mcconnell, paul rye and and republican leaders will have to wake up. the president is having lunch tomorrow to patch things up but they are not delivering. they are not delivering on what the president campaigned on and frankly what they campaigned on repeal and replace obamacare and all these other issues. tax cuts are pretty much stalled
6:07 am
right now. it's not over but they're struggling and so you know everybody wants to blame the president for everything and these republican leaders made promises for years. >> david: how many more chances do they get at this, ed? they have been voting-- >> reporter: 2018 is the end of the line. steve bannon is right. yes the president is keeping campaign promises with a lot of these executive actions but what is not being talked about is this is the same thing that conservatives lampoon barack obama about that he couldn't work with congress so he went forward and pulled ahead executive action pen and a phone and did it on his own. that's what this president trump is doing in some ways now and what is the lesson from the obama years? if you don't lock in the legislative wins, these executive victories can be wiped out by the next president in a heartbeat. that's what president trump is doing to the barack obama legacy , but my point is trump fans have to wake up that if he doesn't lock this in with mitch
6:08 am
mcconnell and paul ryan carrying the load for him, this will all be wiped out whether it's three years from now or seven years from now, so they have to get off the market. >> abby: it's going to be a fascinating midterm election to watch. speaking of chances a lot of people are wondering how many more chances hillary clinton is going to get to blame her election loss on something i'm sure you saw this bbc interview she did recently where he asked her some pretty tough questions one of them about that very thing. let's play that. >> hillary: really perfect storm so you have the comey letter, the enormous impact of the russian theft of e-mails, the release of them by wikileaks >> so you're still blaming others more than yourself? >> hillary: no look i take ultimate response alt and i don't blame others but i think it's important that people understand what happened. so when i decided to run for president some years later, the other side knew that they had to tear them down and you know, i made some mistakes, they took advantage of but they also
6:09 am
engaged in this really horrible relentless prosecution of me and they used online media, social media, to carry those messages and they were aided and abetted by the russians. >> abby: so she's not blaming anybody ed. >> david: everybody. >> todd: i can't keep up with it >> reporter: also she keeps coming back to this idea that the president was aided by the russians. she's flat out claiming that there was collusion which is where all of these investigation s, robert mueller, on down to the house and senate investigations and all of the rest, that there was collusion and no one, how many months later, nobody has proven that there's collusion? we'll see, they're still digging for evidence month after month but she, hillary clinton is making that charge without actually having the evidence. number one and number two when you talk about prosecution, yeah , she attacked everybody in the arena these days gets attacked. what do you think president trump is going through right now no matter what he does, he's
6:10 am
hammered for it and so look, welcome to the club. if you want to get into the arena and run for president, you're going to get attacked and she knew that beforehand. she knows it now and yet she has these throwaway lines like sure i made mistakes, but-- so then her fans to say oh, she took responsibility. she said i made mistakes but then the whole rest of the interview is what everybody did wrong to her. >> todd: can't let the facts get in the way of a good narrative ed henry. >> david: not at all. >> abby: ed where are donuts by the way. >> reporter: i wanted to bring them. i saw david was asking people to bring them to sixth avenue has it come to that? >> david: i don't know. >> todd: we need you ed. >> abby: he's on the couch. ed good to see you. >> todd: appreciate it. well first it was fake news. now, jerry fallwell jr. says president trump needs a new phrase for lawmakers blocking his agenda. >> the president last week and i told him, he needs to coin a new term fake republicans. >> todd: well we are joined live
6:11 am
next. >> abby: all aboard the pc train i love they gave me this one, getting a major overhaul, your e-mails are pouring in about this and we've been debating it all morning. we'll be back with this. >> todd: grab the solar panels. >> [laughter] started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers.
6:12 am
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6:14 am
you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> abby: even though the gop has the majority in congressman it people believe there are some republicans who are just obstructing the president's agenda. >> david: and our next guest well he told the president he needs to coin a new term for them. fake republicans. want to make sure i got that right. >> todd: joining us now liberty university president jerry fall well jr. joins us live thank you very much for being here, sir. so you've coined a new phrase the president should use it. fake republicans what do you
6:15 am
mean by that, sir? >> well, i think there's several republicans in the senate who pretended to be conservative republicans to see their base, to deceive their voters, got elected and they really don't share the same values and i think if they will get out of the way and honor the values that they ran on, keep the promises that they made to their constituencies when they ran i think donald trump has the potential to be the greatest president since abraham lincoln. >> abby: how can he be most effective because his whole thing is i'm a deal maker in order to get big things done whether it's changing the iran deal, whether it's healthcare, immigration tax reform you name it he's got to find a way to work with many republicans that seem to not want to help him out so do you go to war with them or try and find a way to bring him to the table? >> no, i think the american people in 2018 need to find candidates who are not professional politicians. i think it's time for the political class to go. i think they need to find people who have been successful in
6:16 am
other fields like donald trump was and elect them next year, primary these guys out of there. i think that's the only way it's going to be solved. i think they're just died fake republicans. i don't think they believe anything they said they believe when they ran for office. by the way i'm not a reverend. i heard you call me a reverend earlier. i was a lawyer and real estate developer for 20 years before i became college president. >> todd: okay, but if you wouldn't mind, who are these fake republicans you're talking about? >> names come to mind, collins, mccain, maybe corker, i don't have all of the names right here but there is just enough to keep the democratic agenda in place and it's sad because they promised their constituencies they were somebody else. they promised they were conservatives. i think it's the worst kind of deceit at least democrats admit what they believe. i have more respect for them than i do these fake republicans
6:17 am
>> david: well the president has taken on healthcare a thing conservatives republicans moderates all ran on the repeal of this. here he is on healthcare. >> president trump: we are going to have great healthcare in our country. we're taking a little different route than we had hoped because getting congress, they forgot what their pledges were. so we're going a little different route but do you know what? in the end it's going to be just as effective and maybe it will even be better. >> david: abbey you brought up deals. how does he get it done? how does he get the legislative done? >> i just admire the president for having the boldness to sign that executive order and allow healthcare to be sold across state lines and i think that's going to destroy obamacare by itself. obamacare is going to collapse of its own weight anyhow. just a question of whether it collapses soon enough for the
6:18 am
right government to be in place to come back with something good , something competitive, something that uses free enterprise principles, and i just admire this president so much for his boldness. >> todd: jerry last night saturday night live did the opposite and made fun of his boldness, especially on a topic about using the phrase may christmas, which some dismiss, but i feel like you may have a different view. how important is this belief in god not government and how the president talks about it? >> well, it's not just that issue. it's the left there's a full on assault against all american institutions, all traditional american institutions. you know the nfl taking a knee, it's just one example. there's as a college president, we had homecoming weekend here this weekend and we kind of benefit from that so i've got a little bit of a selfish interest people are watching football on saturday when liberty university plays now, we beat baylor this
6:19 am
year, but it's a discredit to the veterans. it's just to the flag, and the people who died to give them the right to play football to earn all that money, they should have enough respect to bow but there's so many areas where the left is just assaulting everything that made america great. you know the state of israel is one example. if a republican had signed that deal with iran and basically that deal has the potential to be the death warrant for the state of israel and i think president obama knew that when he signed it and if a republican had signed that deal they would be called anti-symmetric by the press. i just think there's a full on assault of everything that made america great and that's why i'm so proud of the president for being the first sitting president to speak the value voter summit. the first president in generations to give his first graduation speech at liberty
6:20 am
university instead of note notre dame and he's the right man right place at the right time but these fake republicans are obstructing everything he's trying to do. he's trying to do it anyway with the executive orders but that won't outlast his presidency. >> abby: you wear many hats but reverend is not one of them. we appreciate you for correcting that for us thank you for being with us. >> david: we don't juan to put out make news about your title. thank you, sir. it's not just about americans kneeling any more or football players kneeling any more which many americans object to. taking a knee has gone international and wait until you hear what a former player said, the protests are about gender. >> todd: all about gender pay now. good to know we should ask colin kaepernick and then hillary clinton compared president trump to harvey weinstein but claims sex assault allegations against her husband well that's just in the past. ed kline literally wrote the book on the clintons and he's
6:21 am
here to react, next. ♪ walk this way, talk this way, walk this way, just give me a kiss ♪ and with panera catering, there's more to go around. panera. food as it should be.
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>> david: quick headlines and news breaking overnight the death toll from a massive explosion in somal yeah a death toll now at 189 and 200 injured saturday's blast now the deadliest attack ever in the horn of africa's nations, somali a's government blaming the bombing on the extremists and the u.s. government calling it a cowardly attack and a manhunt intensifying around an air force base overnight. police say three men smashed a stolen car into the fence at joint base san antonio randolph
6:25 am
after a high speed chase prompt ed a lockdown police detaining two men and the third getting away. a rocket carrying classified u.s. spy satellite blasts off into space. >> 3, 2, ignition and liftoff. liftoff the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket. david: united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket successfully taking off from florida overnight on this mission. >> todd: thank you, sir. well, hillary clinton comparing president trump to disgraced movie mogul, howard weinstein but somehow dismissed allegations of her own husband's bad behavior. watch this. >> hillary: this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere whether it's in entertainment, politics, after all we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the oval office.
6:26 am
there has to be a recognition we must stand against this kind of action that is so sexist. >> this depends upon women coming forward and having the courage to come forward and yet in your book, the three women brought on to stage by trump attacking your husband and you kind of dismissed them. was that the right thing to do are you sure about that? >> hillary: well yes because that was all litigated. that was the subject of a huge investigation as you might recall in the late 90s and there were conclusions drawn and that was clearly in the past. >> abby: you know who we need for this? ed kline he joins us now and he has a new book coming out all out war, the plot to destroy trump you also have done a book about the clintons you know them inside and out. what was going through your mind when you're listening to her in that moment? >> ed: i've known donald trump for 35 years, i've written two magazine cover stories on him and just wrote a book called all
6:27 am
out war about him and investigated every nook and cran nie of his personal life and i can tell you with confidence hillary clinton's charges totally false. donald trump has never been accused of rape, sexual molestation, blacklisting women who won't sleep with him the way harvey weinstein has been. >> abby: she accused him of that on that interview she said he's an admitted sexual abuser or sexual assaulter rather. >> well she's trying to get off the hook. for years and years, hillary has been taking tons of money from harvey weinstein when she well knows as everybody in hollywood, the media, the fashion world by the way, politics that harvey weinstein was a molester and hillary took this money and bill clinton hung out with harvey weinstein in hollywood and they all knew-- >> abby: how much money ed for the foundation? >> david: really what's that look like?
6:28 am
>> ed: we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars but you know, more to the point i think is that hillary has been covering up her own husband since she married him 40 years ago. he's still at it, down in his present house apartment in little rock. he holds wet t-shirt contests in penthouse apartments and invites young interns up there to give them foot massages and hillary not only is aware of it when she's in little rock refuses to stay there. >> todd: but why go there then? is it absolute hipocracy or is she just why would she then make the countercharge like that? >> this is the same woman who said she was under sniper fire in bosnia if you remember when there was no sniper fire. hillary given the charge between telling the truth and telling a lie often tells a lie. >> david: somewhere in between it, it's the lawyer's line and there is the truth. what about is there a truth to the fact that will clinton
6:29 am
didn't want her to write this book and that there was a back and forth between them? >> ed: she gave bill clinton two boxes of the manuscript before she sent them to the publisher of this new book and he took a red pencil and he started changing everything, crossing it out. >> abby: as he always does it's his style. >> ed: he's always trying o tell her what to do and she hates that of course, gives her back the manuscript with all his edits and she said i'm not going to change anything. not going to listen to you and he said well you didn't listen to me during the campaign when i told you that you should start polling again and go to wisconsin and michigan. >> david: agree or disagree bill clinton is a smart political player. >> ed: the best in the business >> todd: ed kline thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> todd: well we traded five terrorists to get him back and now tomorrow disgraced army sargent bowe bergdahl is expected to admit what we all know he desserted his post in afghanistan. the man who led the search is
6:30 am
going to tell us what to expect. plus, tomorrow as the train, you know him and you love him but he's getting a major overhaul in the name of gender equality and climate change. your e-mails are pulling in about the new social justice of our team. >> abby: i think that i have a sense of what side they're on and from a fall festival on the plaza we are celebrating all morning long that's coming up next a big final 30 minutes on this show stick around. >> david: there are all pumpkin s represented. >> todd: roll it roll it. ♪ this is how we roll, hanging around picking on anything on the radio, we line it up with our friends, this is how we roll , this is how we do, we running down the road ♪
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so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom.
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have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. >> todd: well that's tomorrow as the train as he used to exist as the show used to exist but we're getting news this morning that tomorrow as the train is getting an overhaul, too many male trains not enough female trains and we'll add female trains and see the smoke coming out of the smoke stack terrible for the environment and we have to change that. >> abby: they're adding two girl trains, one on the left is from africa, matel teamed up with parents and the un, consulting with them to figure out the right changes that needed to be made and we've been debating this this morning.
6:35 am
>> david: we've been debating it too much let's face it we're talking about trains and who needs the u.n. to weigh in on what a train and kids show should be like? what a dumb decision. >> todd: all about agenda. >> abby: the original thomas the tank, i think her name was daze it and so-- >> todd: you loved the show growing up. >> abby: the new one has three girls and four boys making it more gender neutral which i said earlier of all things i understand the pc argument which in many cases deserves to be debated but in this case i think it's fine to add more girl trains. >> david: i don't know about the agenda. >> abby: what is the agenda though? >> todd: little boy or girl isn't looking at trains going that's a boy that's a girl i like it, i don't like it. what about girls say my little pony where is my big horse somewhere is the boy horse? >> david: where is my stallion. >> todd: ninja turtles there's four boys better make two girls.
6:36 am
>> david: let's go to the e-mails. this is tony in south carolina. tony says i don't care what gender the trains are as long as they're hauling tons of cheap coal to bring down my electric bill. >> abby: that was the other part of the changes it was clean energy trains which-- >> david: republicans want dirty trains. i couldn't resist. >> todd: it doesn't brother bother me they're changing up the tomorrow as the thomas the train but what does bother me is they're making it political. >> david: thank you, it's about the kids. >> abby: our senior producer sister mallory in florida she wrote in on his and her sister producing the show says i'm with pete. hang on a minute. i'm with pete, abbey no three year old girl said no i think i can't because i counted up the gender identity of each train and there are more boys than girls only the boys can do it because there are more. kids only think about that when prompted by adults.
6:37 am
pc continues to run amuk, which to my point i love thomas. >> david: hang on i wasn't included in that e-mail. >> todd: defend yourself. >> david: that's not equal. >> abby: i also loved thomas the tank but i didn't know it as having more girls as part of the show so now this has been reinvented, i think this one could still be a good show as well, having three girls now and four boy trains, i think it could be empowering to girls and shows we can be just like the buys look i'm all for our gender s are different but girls can like boy trains and we could also add more girls to it as well. i don't see the problem. >> todd: but you know girls in the boy scouts you said earlier too. so why is it okay to be separate in the boy scouts and girl scout s but the trains got to be equal? >> abby: well trains can be separate but now we're getting really confused here. >> todd: [laughter] >> david: this is the national debate. >> abby: i think genders are different you have young girls and boys and obviously a lot of differences between the two.
6:38 am
you can have girl trains and boy trains as part of the same story line, but when it comes to the boy scouts and girl scouts they can do things together but having something that-- >> david: how about one is real and one is fake? thomas is a show and there are no cartoon trains in the real world and the other is an issue between boy scouts and girl scouts. >> todd: trains don't actually have genders. anyway. >> abby: everyone has got their perspective that's important to talk about these things. i do want to bring you headlines starting with disgraced army sargent bowe bergdahl expected to plead guilty tomorrow the 31 year old charged with desertion and misbehave or before the enemy. we were joined earlier telling us how that could play out. >> there are men who don't get to live at all, so much less even enjoy a hot meal in prison, so to me justice is life in prison. >> abby: bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban back in 2009 while on patrol in afghanistan and five years later
6:39 am
the obama administration traded five stall it ban terrorists to get him back and he faces life in prison if convicted. and some major weakness in the nfl. the green bay packers going head-to-head with the minnesota vikings and later the kansas city chiefs facing off with the pittsburgh steelers, and another day of football means another day of protests which are now going international a german soccer team taking a knee in solidarity with the nfl players and now a former player says the protests are about more than racial inequalities take a listen. >> it's also again from what i'm hearing from players directly involved in these talks, they're telling me it's also about the gender pay gap. >> abby: nfl commissioner roger goodell is meeting with the player's union and team owners this week to discuss those protests that will be interesting to see how that plays out. i want to toss it to the plaza to rick where they're celebrat ing everything fall. rick what's going on?
6:40 am
>> rick: we are and everybody is out here visiting we have e business a death, jenna, and ca ra. you are a radio broadcaster so give me your best radio broadcast voice. >> what would you like me to say >> rick: you do have a good voice that was very very nice. i get it but let's talk weather now take a look at the maps and your temperatures as you are waking up this morning, they feel like summer across much of the east. it's warm and down across the southeast it has been baking and that will continue to be the case at least for one more day, but there is relief coming in sight we have a front moving through that will drop your temperatures down in your mid down which is great news all part of the front you'll see moving across bringing rain showers here is your temps still warm across the east and that cool down begins for the day tomorrow. >> todd: snow in the north 80 in the south. >> david: pretty much how it works. >> todd: all morning long we've had our own fall festival on the plaza thanks to the fantastic he llrick family farm. david: here to tell more about
6:41 am
it is i guess it kind of fits. >> it's perfect fit, yeah. thank you. >> it's a generation farm which i can't imagine. a lot of work through the years. >> david: you're up very early in the morning like us? >> we are. today especially. >> todd: what are you highlight ing for us this morning >> this morning we just put in a new aerial adventure park so our farm is not just for kids but it's for adults as well. we've got gina here to show you some of our equipment that we use and we used something called the safe roller system and what's really great about this is a lot of the systems you clip in and you clip out around the polls ours you just roll through it the whole time so it's a very sophisticated system extremely safe system and simple. >> bruce so a lot of people cook pumpkin pies and things, i make pumpkin bread. >> exactly. >> it's delicious. >> but i've been doing it wrong you tell me? >> well the pumpkins are not very flavor flavorful so we don't recommend using a face
6:42 am
pumpkin and we like to use a neck pumpkin. >> todd: a neck pumpkin? wow. >> david: very small. >> the flavor is extremely sweet for both of these. >> todd: is that different than a butternut squash? >> it's smaller and so but these really have the sugar in them. >> david: what do we use these for? >> you can cook with that but what i want to show you on here is something special. this is something that my father created it's called thankful for you and it's just something that he always had lots of great friends helping him through the years and he always wanted to share that and we have a lady who paints these for about 15 years now and we would pass them around for the family. the other great thing my mom and dad would do would be the flower s and we have an acre of those so people come in and pick the flowers. >> todd: where is it? >> it's in pennsylvania just north of philadelphia.
6:43 am
>> todd: not too much for the kids obviously they've been here all morning. thank you to all of the families that brought your kids in. >> thank you. >> todd: i'm going to keep this. coming up saturday night live unveiling its latest attack against kellyanne conway turning her into a clown. >> david: nothing funny about that for me plus disgraced producer harvey weinstein they actually needed a meeting to officially kick him out of the motion picture academy. tmz been breaking details from the start joining us with reaction that's coming up. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. now that we have your attention... capri sun has four updated drinks. now with only the good stuff. do you know how to use those?
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it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground. >> abby: 15 minutes now until the top of the hour back with quick headlines robert dinero doesn't like to share warning president trump not to sit on a park bench dedicated to him during a new york city fundraiser the actor telling the crowd "one of my pleasures will be keeping people off my bench who don't deserve a view of the park like donald trump."
6:47 am
okay, and another out of touch entertainer bashing the president while raising money george lopez tries an anti-trump routine at a galla for juvenile diabetes and gets booed off the stage and tries to apologize which also doesn't go over so well. the commedian saying i apologize for your white privilege. yikes. speaking of come comedy did you watch snl last night? >> david: no, i don't watch it every night. >> abby: well as they have many times in the past year they've taken a hit on kellyanne conway and they like to make fun of her oftentimes for her looks and they do not shy away from that again. >> todd: exactly the type of thing you're not supposed to do they do. >> abby: watch this. >> [applause] >> it's me. kellyanne conway. the dancing clown.
6:48 am
it's kellyanne. >> what did you do to your make up? >> i toned it down to be on tv. >> okay so secretary tillerson did not call the president a mor on, they were sharing a sunda e, and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles and the secretary says more. >> david: still irritates me to no end and i'm being nice. >> abby: so they are depicting the clown that she is the clown from "it" and the guy in there supposed to be anderson cooper. >> todd: she's trying to get airtime and they make fun of her appearance. >> david: let me get this straight because there needs to be a real quick track on this. women, republican women, the right to vote, why were women voted republican state kellyanne conway a woman who achieves one of the highest levels in office in the white house as a counselor to the president of the united states, nikki haley, look at all of the other women
6:49 am
serving in the administration, look at ivanka trump as an advisor, look at mercedes schlat , look at the woman, sharon day, the ambassador of costa rica. >> todd: sarah huckabee sanders. >> david: what a great young lady into a successful woman and they make a character out of one of the senior advisors, a woman whose incredible even before she got to the white house. look she's a personal friend. i take this very much on my own on her be half as an offense and i'm offended. if it was funny it was funny. she's got a great sense of humor i know kellyanne and she loves to laugh have a good time. if they do this to hillary clinton. put her in the drain like the clown, just with the russians. >> abby: but do you know what? >> todd: or michelle obama. >> david: if you do it to michelle obama you're a racist
6:50 am
whatever. >> abby: but liberals were often being very critical of anyone who hit on hillary clinton's looks, her hair or how she appeared so there is a sense of hipocracy. >> david: it's out right hipocracy. >> abby: if you're on the political stage you have every right to be made fun of but how often kellyanne conway agree with her or not she has been hit for how she looks her appearance and i think as a society we should say do you know what? >> david: but what about her brains and smarts. >> todd: two standards. >> abby: disgraced producer harvey weinstein kicked out of the motion picture academy. harvey levin breaking details in the case from the very beginning and will join us live to react to that next. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. even if you reach your a1c goal you are still at risk for heart attack or stroke. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease.
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>> abby: well more fallout from the harvey weinstein scandal the disgraced hollywood heavyweight officially kicked out of the motion picture academy the world 's top movie organization. >> todd: tmz founder and host harvey levin has been breaking details in this case by the hour and joins us now with the latest good morning. >> good morning guys. >> todd: what did hollywood know how much was already known about his conduct before this came out >> harvey: i mean look guys this is the hipocracy of this whole thing. the idea that people in the academy didn't know this because they're acting like oh, my god, can you believe this? the idea that they didn't know is absurd. i mean, we found a video yesterday, just yesterday from 2005, 12 years ago. courtney love is on the red carpet at a comedy central roast of pamela anderson and she says, i mean just says it, that you know, i'd like to say something,
6:55 am
she thinks she says god i don't want to get sued and she says what the hell? she said if you're an actress and harvey weinstein invites you to the four seasons hotel inbev early hills, don't go. >> abby: wow. >> she says this on the red carpet on television. on microphone and not just her. >> david: i want to ask you because harvey there's more to this everheart story go ahead and tell it but i want to ask you a key question about this. >> angie everheart was in a boat and supposedly he walked in the room, masturbated in front of her, held her from getting out, and told her not to tell anybody she told us on tmz live she went out and told everybody. >> david: so who did she tell? harvey here is the key to the story. who knew? >> all i can say is she told a bunch of a-list actors, producer s this was a venice film festival and this was 10 years ago so the idea and look, the idea that nobody knew this, this
6:56 am
is a lot of pr. there's a lot of pr going on but people knew about this stuff. >> abby: it's incredible you mentioned the actress just how many powerful women who have such a big voice holding this inside or just not listened to for how many years it's horrifying to think about harvey you're here for a reason promo ing a show everyone loves object it friday you have tyler perry airing at 8:00 p.m. just give us a quick thing what they can expect. >> harvey: we're taking a guy's life and trying to figure out how he became a mowing you'll from a guy who by all rights should be dead. he was a horribly abused poor child and this man explains how he did it and there's takeaway in what he says for absolutely everybody. >> todd: object it friday 8:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. >> todd: thanks harvey. >> abby: back after this. hey! you know, progressive
6:57 am
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>> abby: did you guys have fun this morning? >> big thank you to the helrick 's family farm fall festival. >> maria: good sunday morning everybody thanks for being here the state of the iran nuclear deal now up to congress. republicans push for tax reform with the clock ticking on 2017 and what's the fallout from president trump's executive order on healthcare. good morning i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. president trump decertifying the iran nuclear deal. what happens now with the agreement i'll talk momentarily to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, house foreign affairs committee ed rise and treasury secretary steven mnuchin says a tax reform bill will be ready by december others not so sure i'll talk live with secretary mnuchin coming up and ask him


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